Lorene F. Berry Award

Picture Left to Right:   Edward Ryan IV, Allysa Ross and Coordinator Margaret Johnson.

The Lorene F. Berry Award is given in memory of Lorene F. Berry for the care and compassion exhibited by our clinical nursing students.  This award is presented annually to graduating students in the Practical Nursing Program at the Northern Tier Career Center.  The award was presented to Alyssa Ross and Edward Ryan IV.

The Practical Nursing Program located at Northern Tier Career Center, Towanda, PA is in its 38th year. It is a one-year program that qualifies graduates to apply for licensure in Practical Nursing.  Practical nurses work in nursing homes, doctors’ offices, hospitals, and home health care as well as in other areas of health care. 

For further information on the Practical Nursing Program, contact 570-265-8113.