The Northern Tier Career Center Practical Nursing Program held its 37th annual commencement outside at the Northern Tier Career Center on Thursday, August 20, 2020 with 27 graduates entering the nursing profession. 

The individuals who graduated were:

Sitting Row Left to Right:  Julie Vargason, Kaylie Stabryla, Destany Leonard, Lindsay Bogart, Kacey Hadlock, Makenzie Root, Kylene Wintermute, Melissa Miller, Taylor Decker

Middle Row Left to Right:  Edward Ryan IV, Aarika Mancini, Jessica Schultz, Brianna Allen, Brittany Halbfoerster, Alyssa Ross, Jennifer Wooster, Nargiza Ismailova, Catherine Vaughan

Back Row Standing Left to Right:  Shelly Wood, Danielle Stebbins, Justine Vargason, Sky Woodhead, Francisca Nicolo, Kara Johnson, Kali Wakefield, Ryan Myers.   Absent from photo:  Robin Houseknecht.

The welcome was presented by the coordinator of the program, Margaret Johnson, who praised the class for its accomplishments. 

Invocation was given by Melissa Miller.

Graduation Speech was given by Jennifer Wooster. 

Benediction was given by Kali Wakefield.

The presentation of awards was made by faculty members Susan Orchard and Donna Wiles.

The Perfect Attendance Award was presented to:   Lindsay Bogart, Francisca Nicolo, Alyssa Ross, Jessica Schultz, Julie Vargason, Kylene Wintermute.

Commitment of Excellence Certificates went to Lindsay Bogart and Julie Vargason.

The Outstanding Attendance Award was presented to:  Brianna Allen, Taylor Decker, Nargiza Ismailova, Destany Leonard, Melissa Miller, Danielle Stebbins, Justine Vargason, Shelly Wood, Sky Woodhead, and Jennifer Wooster.

The Valedictorian Award was a tie this year and given to Alyssa Ross and Edward Ryan IV.

The Leadership Award was presented to Aarika Mancini.

Class Award was presented to Edward Ryan IV.

The Lorene F. Berry Award was presented to Alyssa Ross and Edward Ryan IV.

The Odd Fellows award went to Aarika Mancini, Julie Vargason, Taylor Decker, Jennifer Wooster and Francisca Nicolo.

Presentation of the Diplomas was made by faculty member Brenda Benninger and Margaret Johnson.  Presentation of Class was made by Margaret Johnson, Practical Nursing Coordinator.  Presentation of graduation pins was performed by faculty member Sandra Congdon.