The afternoon Food Preparation students held a Halloween War competition October 31st.  Competitors teamed up with Building Construction students, who built the backdrops that were used to pull together their components, demonstrating a cohesive theme.  Students were required to have cake, candy (chocolate or sugar work), a savory component, and pumpkin carving within their display.  Students enjoyed working on their projects, and did a great job working together, being creative, problem solving, and demonstrating their skills in construction, culinary, and baking and pastry arts.  The morning session is holding a Thanksgiving Challenge, which will be on display November 21 and 22 in The Blue Fountain dining room.

Students Planning

Pokemon Themed Project

Students Planning 2

Students Planning 3

Spooky NTCC Themed Project

Group 4

Group 1

Halloween Themed Project

Beauty and the Beast Themed Project

Team 3