Philosophy of Northern Tier Career Center

The basis for the American educational system is the belief that its youth should be as fully prepared as possible for the economic, social,  and political aspects of the American culture. We believe that those students in Bradford and Sullivan County who are skill-oriented or skill-inclined must be given full opportunity to develop those skills, together with an accompanying awareness of the social and political nature of life in the working, adult world. This leads directly to a commitment that the technical student has the right, and the schools have the obligation, to provide whatever facilities, talent, time, and effort are necessary to provide, eventually, both the training and experiences that lead to successful and productive lives.  To those ends, we pledge our support and reiterate our belief in withholding no opportunity for growth, for learning, or for experience that affects the portion of our schools’ population for whom technical education, in its broadest description, has evolved into the vital educational component it now is.