Student Facilitator

Christina Warren

The Student Facilitator provides support to those students with an Individualized Education Plan who attend the Northern Tier Career Center. The Facilitator participate in the IEP meetings at each of the sending school districts. The Facilitator is a member of the Bradford County Transition Council which meets four times per year at the NTCC, and attends Transition Staffing meetings at each of the eight sending high schools in Bradford and Sullivan Counties.


  • Office of Rehabilitation Services: www.state.pa.us Keyword OVR Wilkes-Barre Office 1-800-634-2060
  • Futures Community Support Services: 570 -265-3800
  • Bradford County Human Services/Intellectual Disabilities program: www.bradfordco.org 1-800-588-1828
  • BLaST IU17 www.IU17.org – 1-800-673-6001
  • Penn York Opportunities – 570-888-5891