Health Assisting


Angela Koss, RN,MEd –

Rebecca Bellows, RN, BSN –

This course allows students to advance at their own rate and allows for their individuality in the choice of a specific career objective.  This course provides competencies for Nurse Assisting, Medical Assisting, and Dental Assisting.  After successful completion of the first year, students are eligible to enter into the Nurse Aide Competency Evaluation program. There they may become a Nursing Assistant and be placed on the Nurse Aide Registry after passing both the written and skills test.


The average earnings annually for assistant positions in Pennsylvania range from $21,550 to $30,680.


Scope & Sequence

(suggested academic & CTE per POS/SOAR)
Medical Terminology, 120 hours; Nurse Assisting, 280 hours; Medical Assisting, 140hours; Dental Assisting, 115 hours, Anatomy, 100 hours; First Aid and CPR, 45 hours; and  Obstetrics, Pediatrics, and Child Care, 100 hours.


Articulation Agreements

All students who have obtained Nurse Aide Registry status have advanced standing at all approved Pennsylvania Practical Nursing Schools; Penn College also offers articulation agreements with Health Assistant programs.

Medical Assistant


Industry Certifications Available Through Program

Nurse Aide Registry, Medical Terminology Certification, and CPR and First Aid Certification.

Information can be obtained from the Bureau of Labor Statistics,

Nurse Assisting