Student Incentive Program

The Incentive Program is to improve student achievement by rewarding students who have maintained appropriate grades, attended school on a regular basis and display professional traits valued in the workforce. In this way we hope to engender habits of good attendance, good work habits and good citizenship and thereby increase our students’ aptitude for success.

In an effort to reward students’ efforts in completing incentive standards, the NTCC will be conducting an incentive program. At the conclusion of each marking period, students who have met two out of the three standards will be rewarded.

Incentive deadlines will be determined at the conclusion of each marking period. Those students who have earned an incentive based on grades, behavior, attendance, and professionalism, during each marking period, will be invited to participate in the incentive reward.  The incentive reward will be scheduled at the conclusion of each nine week grading period.

Past Student Incentives

Pizza Party

Ice Cream Social

Board Games and Taco Bar

Bowling or Miniature Golf with Ice Cream



Eligibility Standard: To remain eligible a student must have two (2) or fewer excused absences, per marking period.



Eligibility Standard: The student must maintain a minimum grade of an eighty-six percent (86%) to earn incentive reward.



Eligibility Standard:

The student earns an average of an 8 on their daily Work Ethic grade at the conclusion of each marking period and has received no referrals from their instructor.



The following NTCC employees serve on the Student Incentive Committee:

Melissa Bruce-Chairperson

Willis Edger

Amanda Connell

Angie Koss

Charles Murphy

Kate Vanderpool