Student Facilitator

Christi Signor

I provide support to those students with an Individualized Education Plan who attend the Northern Tier Career Center. I participate in the IEP meetings at each of the sending school districts.  I am a member of the Bradford County Transition Council which meets four times per year at the NTCC,  and I attend  Transition Staffing meetings at each of the eight sending high schools in Bradford and Sullivan Counties. I am also the Perkins Coordinator.



Office of Rehabilitation Services: Keyword OVR Wilkes-Barre Office 1-800-634-2060

Futures Community Support Services: 570 -265-3800

Bradford County Human Services/Intellectual Disabilities program: 1-800-588-1828

BLaST IU17 – 1-800-673-6001

Penn York Opportunities – 570-888-5891